In the week of the Lakers redemption series against Orlando, a week that means serious business for a deadly finisher name Kobe Bryant, there’s a secret hiding inside the Lakers four walls. Of course, it doesn’t relate to Phil Jackson’s enigmatic coaching philosophy or Andrew Bynum’s suspense matchup against a physique Dwight Howard.

The compelling secret revealed the Lakers have a junk food fanatic, gulping down on all types of sweets that kids adore, sweets that increase weight. In this case, ensuring it is fine for Lamar Odom to increase glucose level for rational self-consciousness, stockpiling unhealthy goodies into his digestive system, may be a repulsive habit.

But packing and accumulating stacks of sweets with a feverish obsession for junk food, is a fetish Odom outwardly can’t control. The molded habits are like Michael Jordan’s gambling addiction or Michael Phelps feeling the high through a water bong. And yes, Adam Pacman’s crazy strip joint obsessions.

Nevertheless, Odom’s sugar craving isn’t nearly monstrous as exhaling hazy smoke, losing cash, or throwing an absurd tirade in front of strippers. Nothing is wrong with stuffing gummies in tummies, making a trip to a local store and packing up an SUV with eatable treats. Even though none of it is nutritious, it provides important necessities that are demanded in the NBA Finals.

Given previous studies on sugar intake, the pleasant joy of sweets, not only form tooth aches or mouth full of cavities, but produces energy. A much-energetic Odom is a primary factor if the Lakers are attempting to avenge an embarrassing ending and keep Jackson’s status intact, off the hot seat of harsh criticism that has surfaced into debates about his future.

But according to Dr. Daniel Amen, who offered advice to Odom informing that it might be wise to lay off the candy after admitting to his infamous liking of sweats, suggested that too much could trigger sugar rushes and burn off energy, which could engender fatigue and leads to lethargy. Of course, Odom does not consider doctor’s advice, crediting consumption of sugary treats for fueling his energy level.

And convincingly confirmed eating atrocious candies results in double-double masterpieces, collected in Games Five and Game Six of the Western Conference Finals against Denver, contributing and intensifying dominance. After all, Odom is the second best player on the team, Bryant’s sidekick only when effective.

Judging his candy addiction, it might have an impact either way. Then again, most of it just have to do with how well Odom approaches the game. Sure, eating jellybean Starbursts was somewhat a factor, though the candy theory seems as if it’s a myth.

Then again, this candy mythology might have Odom bouncing off the backboards of late, collecting rebounds, getting inside and dominating forcefully, playing with a hard-driven mindset whether than the soft-minded mentality.

Meaning, he’s fierce, unstoppable, the candy-eating secondary force in the starting unit. Whenever he transcends to the dominant level, praise is heavily given. But if he fails to excel expectations, he is labeled as a scapegoat.

You must wonder if Odom trick or treated in the past Halloween, with a large candy stash, staying with the most common Twizzler bites, Gummy Bears and the favorite Hershey’s white chocolate cookies and cream. If imaged, there’s more than that inside the candy bowl of last year’s Halloween collection. I personally find nothing wrong with his love for sweets, if he performs as well as projected.

A sense of urgency and intensity matters, not how much or types of candy travels down his large belly.

Even Bryant couldn’t have put it any simple saying.

“Whatever works.”

Simply, it is whatever works in upgrading a physique Odom, though.


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