Hey guys. Welcome to the June 11, 2009 version of The NFL Update. Let's get a move on, some juicy stuff coming in for us today!
Mike Brown Visits the Cleveland Browns

Former Chicago Bears safety, Mike Brown, visited the Cleveland Browns yesterday, according to Reservation for Six. Most of my updates will be coming from Reservation for Six, so check them out, too, because it is a great NFL up-to-date blog.

Brown also visited the Chiefs last week but the Chiefs didn't look like they'll sign him. Brown has been consistent throughout his career, and never missed a game. He has only missed one game in his career.

If Brown was signed by Clevleand, he and Abram Elam will compete for the starting spot. Brown looks to win, though, as he has been the heart and soul of the Bears, and now looking to be a leader with Cleveland, if signed.

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