According to great guys at The Shutdown Corner, failure quarterback Ryan Leaf is wanted by the Texas police after failing turn himself in.

MJD, the main guy who runs the blog, says he is not hiding him but he is a fan of him. I bet he is hiding him. Okay, maybe not, but you never know.

But The Shutdown Corner isn't lying, Ryan Leaf is actually wanted for his drug and burglary charges, according to this source.

Ryan Leaf also had to go to rehab for his drug addiction. But guess where he had to go? British Columbia. Let's just hope the BC Lions of the Canadian Football League aren't trying him out.

Or are they?

Nah, they got Buck Pierce. But anyways, back to Leaf.

Here is a quote you might enjoy that Shutdown Corner has found:

“At one point he said he was going to turn himself in. He hasn't turned himself in yet, and if he gets picked up he's going to be arrested,” Randall County prosecutor Lacy Miller said. “If he gets picked up out of our jurisdiction, then we will extradite him or use whatever means we have to get him back. Right now he is a wanted individual.”

Weird stuff, isn't it? I think so.

But hey, this kid is going to get caught. If he can throw just ten touchdowns and about 40 interceptions in his short career (like five years), he surely won't be that hard to find.

Oh Ryan Leaf, you did it again!

Ryan Leaf: Once a loser, always a loser. And that is the end of that chapter.

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