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Tyler Hansbrough came to the rookie workouts for the Indiana Pacers yesterday. Coach Jim O'Brien was very impressed with his abilities that many other coaches have doubted. Personally, I think Physco T is a beast, and many of you have to as well.

As seeing the picture above, no one other than Hansbrough has dunked over a person that is like two feet taller than him! I saw Hansbrough's workouts with the Pacers on TV as Hansbrough played very well.

But here is the question: Is Hansbrough the answer for Indiana Pacers? This is the talk, the Pacers talk that is.

Hansbrough was amazing at North Carolina as he averaged 20 points per game with the Tar Heels and being successful in the Final Four, winning it just last year against the Michigan State Spartans.

The thing I don't understand is why people say he is not aggressive and some other stupid stuff like that. They say he isn't tough. Well he isn't as tough as Blake Griffin, I can say that, but this kid is pretty tough.

For example: the dunk over Kenny George.

Hansbrough is also kind of needed with the squad of Indiana. Many mocks believe that the Pacers will mike Dejuan Blair, but I bet he'll be picked earlier. And so will Jordan Hill and Brandon Jennings, in which mocks believe the Pacers will pick those guys as well.

Hansbrough is needed. He can be a helpful power forward on the squad and earn some rebounds. If Hansbrough is drafted, he may have to sit on the bench because I believe Roy Hibbert and Troy Murphy will start for the power forward and center spots.

Hansbrough may start, but I think O'Brien would put Troy Murphy over Tyler Hansbrough. Even if Hansbrough is on the bench behind Murphy, he will obviously get some playing time in the rotation.

Jim O'Brien thinks that Physco T is just another Jeff Foster to the squad. Not necessarily, I think. Hansbrough can score some points because he is pretty good in the paint. He is also a pretty consistent shooter. But Jeff Foster, he is just the helpful guy for rebounding really.

Hansbrough can actually be a perfect fit for the squad of Indiana. And you never, he could come to Indiana actually. Hopefully, if the New Jersey Nets don't get him at the eleventh overall pick, the Pacers have a chance.

Do you think the Pacers should get Tyler Hansbrough? I believe so. Let your name be heard and yell out your opinion!

Just expect the unexpected.

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