jamaal tinsley.jpg The Indianapolis Star has found out that Indiana Pacers point guard, Jamaal Tinsley, is looking to be traded for another first-round pick. Larry Bird has been trying to trade Tinsley all off-season but it seems that nobody is going to take him.

I can see why.

Tinsley has been a disgrace to the squad of Indiana to all of his troubles he has been doing. Will he continue to do this, I hope not, but he has lost his trust with the Pacers. If the Pacers don't trade him, Bird has said they will release him.

"Every day we talk about it, we contact teams," Bird said. "We're always putting feelers out there to see if we can get anything done."

"We have some options to do some things," Bird continued. "You never really know until it gets up to the draft. We'll have some opportunities to do some things. If you can do some things and get two players that can help you, you'll have to look at it. There's a lot of things we're mulling over."

There might be a team out there, but the odds are slim and everyone knows it.

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