There were many big signings and trades so far as we have entered in a time of no running, dribbling, and dunking on an NBA court.

It's what we call the off-season, which brings me to boredom easily as I watch NBA games from previous seasons besides present ones because there aren't any on. But there is some good in the NBA off-season.

And that's where you hear big names get called with trade rumors swirling around the block everywhere you go.

You have Shaq to going to Cleveland. You have Kobe Bryant having a Dennis Rodman in Ron Artest. Vince Carter to the Eastern Conference champions, Orlando Magic as well as Randy Foye and Mike Miller to help out number zero in Washington. Then the Turkish man going to Toronto. Trevor Ariza flying to Houston and many more.

Those teams are gutsy doing them trades and that's why Indy is never a big name in the off-season, always quiet. Looking for a player that's right for them.

Many people really didn't expect Tyler Hansbrough coming to Indy in the NBA Draft as the 13th overall pick, but guess what?

He did.

But that's the draft. The Pacers never take a big part in free agency, as usual. Last year, they did with a Roy Hibbert trade following with a trade that brings in Brandon Rush and Jarrett Jack.

But you never hear the BIG BIG names called like the Pacers trading for Vince Carter or Shaq. You want to know why? They don't need them. They need a guy that's fits their system.

Now we are hearing rumors about Dahntay Jones and Anthony Carter running to Indiana. I would absolutely love that. But there is one player that really sticks out of all the players the Pacers have been interested in: Paul Millsap.

This kid has been getting better every year, even though he is entering his fourth season. Many teams have contacted him. And then here comes Indy. I think this kid can fit well with the squad and help out the Pacers a lot.

And here's why.

This is the talk, the NBA Talk that is.

Paul Millsap is a player many NBA GM's would love to have. He was a steal in draft while he was drafted in the second round, has the size of LeBron James (6'8" and about 250-260 pounds), he can shoot and rebound nicely, and can play at power forward and small forward.

Millsap had the best season of his career by averaging about 14 points per game and about nine rebounds, almost having a double-double season. He also played well in the playoffs, averaging about twelve points and eight rebounds, another close double-double.

Millsap is also nicely built player to put him at two spots in the depth chart: small and power forward. If Indy would get Millsap, I would see the depth chart kind of looking like this:

PG: T.J. Ford/A.J. Price/Travis Diener
SG: Danny Granger/Brandon Rush
SF: Paul Millsap/Mike Dunleavy
PF: Troy Murphy/Tyler Hansbrough
C: Roy Hibbert/Jeff Foster

It does look right that way. It looks reasonable although Danny Granger will have to move from his normal position of small forward to shooting guard. But Granger has played at shooting guard before and he is capable of playing there.

But what about Brandon Rush? Many were expecting a future one-two punch of Granger and B-Rush. It could switch a little maybe as Millsap and Granger may have to share the small forward sport while Rush and Dunleavy take care of the shooting guard spot.

The rotation will look interesting as the starting lineup shows a player no taller a 7'2" and no shorter than 6'0". The lineup as averaged at probably 6'9" which is a pretty tall lineup to bring in some rebounds as the guys who control the backboard stand at 6'11" and 7'2".

Millsap is 6'8" and Granger is 6'9", who both have played small forward and power forward.

With Millsap in, it will make an enormous difference of the lineup, but in a very good way.
And also, with Millsap and Granger on the court, do you realize how hard that one-two punch is to stop?

The Pacers will also have a solid lineup with Troy Murphy attacking the rim and getting the shots from downtown. You also have T.J. Ford beating you on every shot possible, including layups, and also getting you on some tight passes. We then end with Roy Hibbert, who gets all the blocked shots and rebounds you can get!

And we all know the skills of Granger as well as Millsap.

Yep, it's going to look really good. Just one player, Paul Millsap that is, can change the whole completion of a roster of about 13-15 players. And you never know, the Pacers can go to the playoffs for the first time since the 2005-06 season.

I expect the Pacers to finish at the seventh or eighth seed, like a popular blog Strotty said as well. It's going to be good. I like Indy's chances this year with Millsap. If the Pacers can give the money he needs, hopefully if they have enough, all this paradise may happen.

All it takes is one player to sign. And hopefully that signing is coming, with just a click of a pen and jotting your signature, the deal is done.

And that's how the Pacers can reach the top, at number one.

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