Rather facing the truth, we were quick to utter that Steve McNair wasn’t the type of man who never got into trouble or the type of individual who lived flawlessly, without any hardships.

But the truth of the matter is that none of us are perfect, and McNair wasn’t the man everyone saw, having two different lifestyles, which traumatically led to his shocking death on Saturday.

The masses, legendary players to former teammates described McNair as one of the toughest quarterbacks, able to cope with painful injuries and have anointed his monumental legacy. But we never knew his personal lifestyle away from the game, and sadly learned his customs when the somber news was reveled.

He was a good man and exceptional citizen in the community of Nashville. Aside from the good things, much of McNair’s relationship life was kept private and was baleful. It sadly unveiled tragically that he had a significant other on the side of a lovable affair that turned into a deadly massacre.

Truth is McNair was having an affair with a 20-year old girl, meeting and associating with her at a restaurant where McNair visited regularly. Sahel Kazemi, a waitress at the restaurant and his secret girlfriend, frequently spent ample of time at his downtown condominium and her apartment.

They constantly developed a lovable bond, and flourished into sole mates, dating and vacationing for several months. As details surfaces, it seemed as if McNair had accepted vows with his assumed mistress.

The reason I believe he made commitments is because of an Escalade that was registered to her and McNair after police stopped her and arrested her for driving under the influence and denied taking a breath test. At the time of all this, McNair was in the passenger seat, but wasn’t charged and later fled the scene in a taxi.

Bailing her out of jail, should have presented signs of trouble. After all, she was a young girl and was a problem-child. From there, it led to further distress, a tragic death that was so shocking, many denied his death and refused to believe the truth.

Well, the truth is McNair was found dead inside the condominium, suffering four gunshot wounds, including twice in the head, and his girlfriend was found dead resting near a pistol on the living room floor with one gunshot wound near the head.

The major shock of the entire football family was classified as a homicide by the metro Nashville police department.

Suddenly, a good citizen was lost all because of an affair that none of us never expected from a family man and a virtuous legend that we all had tremendous respect for and admired on Sundays. All there’s left are the great memories he’ll leave behind and that we as football maniacs will cherish.

You were accustomed to his touchdown gestures, his work ethic, his charisma and his agenda to win. You feasted on his dynamics, such as his singular pocket passes, his nifty scrambling and his determination to quarterback the Tennessee Titans to its first ever Super Bowl appearance, where unfortunately they came up short in a painful lost to the St. Louis Rams.

One day, McNair was going to be given the privilege to wear a mustard jacket and would have being remembered as one of the greatest legendary quarterbacks at the Hall of Fame.

Indeed, in grievance, there’s more to than just the Hall of Fame, and it certainly wasn’t the only thing worth living. As questions remain to be seen on who murdered McNair, the police department is not classifying Kazemi’s death. Like a gruesome mystery, the police department must probe and put pieces of the missing puzzle together.

What we do know is that some killed him, but whom? Was there a man who was apart of her life? Or could it have being a dispute between McNair and her, which led to a violent scene?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not accusing her or anyone for that matter, but something is outlandish about this horrific crime scene. This leaves his wife, Mechelle, and four sons in despair, and the entire football world in shock.

People who know McNair are acknowledging that he was a terrific parent. Right now, in Nashville, nothing is terrific. Right now, a tragedy is mind-blowing and somberly senseless. We loss a man on the day America celebrated its birthday, with fireworks brighten the sky.

But in Nashville, it was bullets darken the sky, emasculating spirit in a city where everyone saluted McNair of sporting enthusiasm, not to mention his contagious stamina to erase displeasing troubles and exposed ascendancy. McNair’s firmness and prowess allowed the Titans to defy self-assurance as well as in the city of Nashville.

It’s sad to say it was the death of likable citizen, not only as a NFL player, but a likable man in general.


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