Only on Fifth Avenue in New York City, near the entertaining site of our country, Broadway absorbs much excitement and buzz. If you are from the city where the skyline defines the glamorous landscape and haven’t realized there’s a popular coach in the state, it’s because you haven’t heard or relished the funniest dude mustering veneration.

This rarely happens for a first-year coach, in a state the media is critical and fans angrily lambaste underperformers. If a coach commits failures, rather than produce enough wins to expose all the positives, the New York tabloids are anything but compassionate or lenient and scorn the embattled coach. Rex Ryan isn’t a victim of mockery, after bringing reliance to a feeble franchise and giving an exhilarated population reason to utter “J-E-T”, repeatedly. For a season of ambiguity that altered to a season of improbability, Ryan prevailed in the biggest challenge and vindicated he’s an expertise for appointing a defensive mentality.

In fact, instituting and fortifying the New York Jets is a huge success, given the horrid days and long seasons before you could say Rex. The masterminded exertion paid off, to characterize a spectacular season. He reduced the agony, healed avid fans and season ticket holder Fireman Ed’s sore bones, willing to sit and witness misery on frigid afternoons at Giants Stadium.

But in a town the Statue of Liberty stands tall, where taxi cabs crowds the streets, and where loud screams of opera is heard, Ryan has meet expectations and dealt with petty scrutiny. He has shied all the criticism and ignored all the judgment, finding a friendly home in New York where he is more than a big clown or a crybaby. It wasn’t long before he became popular, liked for the comical press conferences and outlandish speeches that generated laughs.

Relatively speaking, the NFL needed a humorous speaker, someone daring enough to arouse the league with a bombastic personality. To hear Ryan talk and say some of the craziest things are laughable, and being able to complete an unimaginable mission makes it even better. As the wildest NFL coach, in fairness, it’s precise to think of him as the most popular resident in New York. The humor, sometimes, has a tendency to befuddle and annoy us, but usually it sends a message to his team and results in a victory to validate idealism.

If he had trouble maintaining a coaching job in the NFL, devoting his life to standup comedy wouldn’t be such a bad suggestion. For weeks, the Jets were doubted and tossed to the backburner after stumbling, but survived on a hot winning streak to cap the season. Lives were salvaged, a remarkable 3-0 start was valuable, and Ryan was identified as a finesse savior. So don’t mind him, if he gripes or dwells every time the Jets losses.

This is a strategy that provoked his team to accomplish the improbable, a trait they’ve capitalized on well. After he griped and blubbered over abhorrent losses, the Jets improved as a unified core. Late in the season, they never strayed and won five of their last six games to qualify for the AFC’s fifth seed. With a win over Cincinnati in the season-finale, Ryan and company stayed alive to revisit the Bengals for an encore in the wild card round. The change of scenery wasn’t much of a factor as New York was dominant again, and advanced to the AFC semifinals for a date at San Diego Sunday night.

Their stunning growth in one season under Ryan has much to do with his original philosophy. It’s called the K.I.L.L—Keep It Likable and Learnable. His theory, thus far, has functioned brilliantly. Right now, the Jets lead the league in rushing offense and total defense. It’s not a joke whatsoever. By far, this is a dangerous team and easily could be mistaken or underestimated if you’re not prepared to stifle a compelling ground attack. Back in San Diego, coach Norv Turner might want to warn everyone of the discounted defense that will bring forceful hits.

Turn the attention to Darrelle Revis, a shutdown cornerback who has frustrated top receivers all season by merely allowing fewer than 30 yards a game. Focus on Malcom Floyd and Lito Sheppard, whom both consist of menacing speed that have broken down offensive assignments. As a result, defense wins games. Meaning teams relying totally on offense are favorites to subside.

Thanks to Rex, the amazing thought of winding up in the Super Bowl is floating through the minds of the wildest crowd. The Jets, indeed, could be least expected and advance to the biggest game, on the biggest national holiday in sports. There’s always another team out there, willing to shock us as Arizona stunned us a year ago. Based on the rookie quarterback, Mark Sanchez’s performance of late, advancing to fulfill the greatest dream is possible.

Living in New York, he’s the biggest attraction since Joe Namath, a legendary name that represented the Jets for a long time. Fans faces wore gigantic smiles, finally realizing a franchise quarterback had made its presence felt and earned fame. He’s loved because of his features, but also the style he brought from college such as mobility and accuracy, needed tools for a top-notch rookie.

You’ve given him a nickname, in which he’s now known as Sanchize? You’ve accepted him after he implored to play in an environment where underperforming is inexcusable. After dealing with much mediocrity and scrutiny, the Jets are playoff contenders under Ryan, a coach specialized in defense.

Those Jets, Those Jets. Yes, those Jets are tough and dangerous. Let’s all root for Rex, who's confident in his players and thinks they’ll the team to beat. Let’s all root for Rex, the interesting character who laughs and jokes about his belly. Let’s all root for Rex, the trademark of New York sports, that is.


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