They deprived a town filled with anger. It was nearly 23 years ago when the franchise packed up and left a town in the wee hours to shock bitter fans. Once resentful citizens awakened and heard the sadden news, the Baltimore Colts relocated and renamed themselves the Indianapolis Colts. Ever since, owner Jim Irsay hasn’t shaking off the grim memories of abandoning and deceiving a sporting community.

He’s probably the most loyal owner in football, even though his father, Robert, transformed the landscape of the NFL. Fans were stunned to wake up March 30, 1984, with no pro franchise to root for, no players to admire, and no team to go watch at the local venue. In the aftermath of the Colts’ sudden departure, the bitter aftertaste lasts. But it isn’t fair to point the finger at Jim, when his father was foolhardy to evade town in moving vans, like a scoundrel initiating a charitable foundation as a way of scamming citizens.

If there’s someone holding grudges ever since the Colts traveled to a community that has truly worshiped the football culture, it’s for the idea of feeling betrayed. But, either way, there’s no franchise in the league nearly as singular as the Colts, a NFL brand name the people of Indianapolis embraces and aroused by its polish depth.

You’ve seen and heard about it all season: the Colts chase to perfection. Well, almost, the most entertaining franchise accomplished the unprecedented and the miraculous plateau other teams haven’t had much credit for simply because of midseason collapses or losing streaks late in the season.

At first, it seemed the attempt was to finish a perfection 19-0. But there’s more to sustain in a 16-game season, other than historic records or perfection. It wasn’t realized until rookie head coach Jim Caldwell no longer cared and based a season on capturing plateaus and history. Instead, he was smart and decided to bench the NFL Most Valuable Player, Peyton Manning, who's arguably the league’s greatest quarterback. What we know for sure he’s greatly valuable in the smallish town, where he has been the centerpiece.

In previous years, Manning has been more valuable than an outdated trading card and conducted the Colts to a number of playoff victories, including a lone Super Bowl title while at Indianapolis. Rarely does an icon receives 37 ½ of a possible 50 votes, but the incredible style answered all questions to why he achieved the unforeseen, breaking the all-time record for the most MVP wins ever. He had the Colts en route of becoming the first 19-0 team in history to complete such an astounding goal.

By prioritizing, president Bill Polian and Jim Caldwell were reluctant to endanger a prosperous adventure, which seemed too extraordinary to waste because of nagging injuries. In specifics, no team wishes to see their unhealthy stars nursing bruises and fractures when a postseason game is pivotal and immortalities are poor indications of faltering a dream season.

The average football lord is curious to know if the Colts has what it takes to reach a pinnacle, even though the average lord has predicted they’ll travel to Miami. And, indeed, Indianapolis is craving another Vince Lombardi Trophy, an award every athlete dreams and plays for. So now, it makes sense on why the organization decided resting Manning and key starters was a brilliant idea.


Against the ferocious Ravens, a dangerous team that doesn’t quit, the Colts have to click on all cylinders. We can only hope, the Ravens-Colts contest emerges a bloody massacre on turf, a fascinating matchup and presents marquee superstars. As barbaric Baltimore defense is, Ray Lewis or Terrell Suggs aren’t committed to playing backyard, two-handed touch. Instead a fierce defensive front is physically and mentally planning to blitz and harass a vintage Manning on nearly every possession to disrupt rhythm and timing coordination.

For all the emphasis and hype pointed in the direction of Manning, the Ravens know he has a strong impact on the NFL, indeed, they know he has excellence accuracy and hand-eye coordination, and they know he has massive strength in connecting with primary target Reggie Wayne, who’s explosive running routes.

Or even second-year receiver Pierre Carcon, who’ll play with a heavy heart and deeply concerned of his relatives’ status recovering from the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti. That would be a mistake, discounting the rapid defensive ends of the Colts. How can you ignore the powerful tandem that makes them ten times superior defensive wise? It doesn’t take long to notice the toughness and agility of Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis.

But the Colts have a rigid test to vanquish, if expecting to put away the city they abandoned. With 23-years of cheers, belief and devotion to football, the Colts are the greatest franchise to appear in a moving van. The marquee players are lovable, the new stadium creations of Lucas Oil Stadium are enjoyable and Manning is the town MVP.

Just because Indianapolis didn’t break the hearts of Miami, or popped the corks in celebration of a 19-0 record, doesn’t mean they won’t arrive to Mercury Morris’ block February 7th .


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