There is, no doubt, a dumbfounded surprise immensely is purging the feasibility of the recovery on a wealthy franchise. But with impetuously pulling off bad choices to solidify an uncompetitive texture, the New York Knicks, a team tormented of Isiah Thomas’ acquisitions and lawsuit in his regime as an executive running a mediocre organization, is constantly punctuated by troubles or afflictions that dismantle hopefulness.

In retrospect, the return of Thomas is utterly repulsive and risky as the Knicks are seeking to rebuild as a prime contender and escape the disastrous letdowns. With any improvement in a doomed culture, the daunting assignment of revamping an unfavorable team is to assign someone other than Thomas the consultant role.

But evidently, however, the Knicks are foolishly trusting in a heedless and insidious man who stifled the Knicks on the possibilities of rising as a flourishing contender in the Eastern Conference. So often it’s the devastating egos that threatens, and then suddenly ruptures a developing team with all the drama.

He is, without debate, a consultant for the Knicks, but could potentially sabotage the pursuit of a reconstructed organization and could malign the team’s image. The most impressive thing about this confusing hiring, though, is what was on the mind of owner James Dolan, who wrongly allowed Thomas to rejoin the Knicks and employed an embattled executive to endure in making all the drastic advancements and decision-making. That’s genuinely not such an exceptional idea when he is reputed to be the next general manager and demand much credit in the front office, despite that he is disapproved and chastised for greatly embarrassing and slaughtering the Knicks.

If ever there were a less stubborn and inattentive ownership, the reunion with Thomas would have never happened. By reputation, he wouldn’t have qualified, and shouldn’t have been hired in the first place for leaving behind stains and heavy burdens when his successor, Donnie Walsh, arrived to eradicate destruction that had poisoned and hindered the persistent vanity of reaching unbelievable heights.

Therefore, the truth is that Thomas is ultimately justified as someone who arrogantly initiates confrontation and divides a unified core, even though he assembled a fairly reliable team, but in the end, it collapsed as players abruptly left to avoid the discontent and verbal feuds. Why must the Knicks, as one of the wealthiest enterprises with an intellectual chairman, bring aboard the instigating and adolescent Thomas, who rapidly dragged down the assurance?

Consider it a misfortune, at a time the Knicks were looking to rise on the NBA scene as a growing and young core, that they chose to rehire Thomas to be affiliated with the team he badly mishandled and let down time and time again. Instead of curing mediocrity and restoring a sense of righteousness, the maniacal feuds between him and former point guard Stephen Marbury delayed the Knicks progress of sprouting as typical opponents.

It’s amazing how no one took notice of the time when a federal court jury found Thomas’ employer, Madison Square Garden and Dolan guilty on a sexual harassment lawsuit. And nonetheless, the Knicks are giving a troubled Thomas a second chance, unwilling to quit on him even when he cost the team $11 million in a shameful lawsuit, and even when he traded the No. 9 pick overall in the 2010 draft to Phoenix in the Marbury deal.

It’s too bad Knicks fans cannot fire Dolan. It’s impossible to fire the chairman of the team, when he possibly wouldn’t fire himself until he sells the team. But as long as Dolan is the owner of the Knicks, the disoriented and bombastic franchise will topple. A few days ago, Dolan announced that he allowed Thomas to return, perturbing fans awaiting a postseason appearance, and better yet, a championship appearance.

But none of that is happening anytime soon, and as long as Thomas is voicing the calls, the Knicks fans are faced with sadness, anguish and hopelessness, while anxious to figure out why Dolan is fascinated with Thomas. He’s fortunate the Knicks have handed the general manager gig to him, arguably the most powerful assignment as Dolan continuously engages in pampering Thomas, even when he underachieved and failed constructing a productive team or installing urgency of managing the most dysfunctional team in the NBA.

For nine consecutive seasons, it has been painful to watch and endure the disappointing losses, but now it should be more hurtful to hear the Knicks hand the hardest task and heavy responsibilities to Thomas. In every way, he hadn’t delivered a winning or an efficient team and was unsuccessful in overhauling a lousy team, but was always in disputes with Marbury and unwisely demolished the Knicks when he overpaid Jerome James. It’s still really bonkers that he tossed out unproven money to Eddy Curry. In other words, Dolan is rehiring a fool, a fool, I tell you.

For all the damage he caused, there’s no way in my mind I would have brought back Thomas. Outside of the world’s famous venue, the Madison Square Garden, that is, they should have hung a sign on the door or placed a billboard on a ten-story building nearby that said “NO THOMAS ALLOW, NO BRAIN DEAD IDIOT ALLOW!”

But this hiring is enough to make me nauseated and disgusted, with the Knicks refusing to understand that he didn’t only destroy New York, but the Continental Basketball Association as well. There are red flags, Dolan. However, you ignored everyone. You rehired him. Without reflecting back on the misery, he desperately gave the duties to Thomas, ignoring the availability of Golden State’s GM Chris Mullin, a familiar name that Walsh requested Dolan to hire.

Now that Dolan has similar habits as the Oakland Raiders sullied owner Al Davis, he’s watching a promising franchise attenuate completely by refusing to listen to Walsh demands after he pledged that he would be able to voice all the personnel decisions. Well, he lied. And he whispered sweet things in his hear, and as usual, Walsh fell for it.

It was an elementary strategy for alluring the masterminded architect, but according to reports he is distraught with Thomas rejoining and threatened to quit. In a matter of time, the local tabloids in New York will likely ridicule the Knicks and Dolan for making the dumbest choice by giving Thomas the duties of recruiting and assisting the franchise, as the newspaper stands may become the hottest spot in the urban communities.

There were, however, other candidates more worthy, such as Mullin, Kevin Pritchard or Mark Warkentien, but out of all the potential candidates to fill in the vacancy, he was aroused with Thomas, something I never understood. To put it into perspective, it was a very faulty choice, a regrettable decision that wasn’t worth the hassle.

So now Dolan has confidence that he’ll be a brilliant recruiter, meaning Thomas can talk Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul into joining forces with Amar’e Stoudimire in New York, and eventually he’ll become the general manager. But as we know, Thomas is inept. Dolan is a fool. And I am his worst critic. This is a disadvantage and a downfall, but we can enjoy it before it shrinks greatly. And perhaps, it won’t be very long before it happens.

Good luck.


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