The Cubs organization will never use the term in front of Cubs fans for fear of backlash, but the Cubs are in a rebuilding process.

Sure, if they can win while they do it all the better, which is why we saw Jim Hendry take a flier on a veteran like Carlos Pena instead of moving Tyler Colvin to first base. But since contending in 2011 seems unlikely, I have a suggestion for Hendry:

If you can move big contracts like Carlos Zambrano without having to eat more than half of the money, what are you waiting for?

There has been some speculation recently about a possible fit for Zambrano with the Yankees, which makes sense now that they missed out on Cliff Lee. It would also reunite Zambrano with Larry Rothschild.

(By the way, I’d pay to see the look on Larry’s face when news that Big Z is following him to the Big Apple. That would be priceless!).

Yet even if Bruce Levine is misguided as usual, you’d have to think that Hendry would at least check into the possibility—especially if he can either obtain some young talent or force the Bombers to also accept Kosuke Fukudome and his ridiculous contract.

Now, Big Z has some say in this matter, to be sure. But I’m sure his no-trade clause is negotiable, like most things in life.

But, if we move Zambrano the rotation will suffer, you say? Um, and this is a concern why? Seriously, with or without Big Z, this rotation is not good enough to win a World Series.

Fat Carlos Silva is unlikely to start the season 8-0 again. And while we’re at it, the Cubs must lead the world in Carloses (is that even a word??). What is up with that?

Look, in order to win the way Tom Ricketts has described, you need good young players coming through the pipeline on a consistent basis. Right now, the system isn’t exactly overflowing with major league-ready talent.

But if you can infuse some fresh talent via trade, now you’ve just jump-started your program and shortened the rebuilding time.

Oops, we can’t call it rebuilding. Is ‘retooling’ more palatable to you Cubs fans?

No matter what happens with Zambrano, if I am Hendry I am looking in every nook and cranny for any opportunities to shed payroll.

Thank God I am not Hendry, incidentally.

The problem with this strategy, aside from having to deal with other GMs who have working grey matter, is that the Cubs don’t want to jeopardize attendance.

But either you're in or you're out Mr. Ricketts. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

By the way, keep Silva away from that cake.

By Bob Warja


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