The New York Yankees have been very quiet during free agency. They've signed no marquee players or made any blockbuster trades. News of the Philadelphia Phillies signing Cliff Lee was a big surprise to a lot. Including the Texas Rangers and New York Yankees.

The Yankees money couldn't get him to the Big Apple. They practically offered him the world (money and 7 years)and he went back to Philly. The only player the Yankees could get was L.A. Dodgers catcher Russell Martin. Big deal huh?

I guess Lee really never wanted to leave Philadelphia and now he gets to go back and possibly make another World Series trip. Meanwhile the Yankees have C.C. Sabathia and not much else behind him in the rotation. It's hard to feel sorry for them not getting their man, but personally I love it. I'm glad their money can't buy everyone. Now they might fall back to the pack a little. I wish I could say the same about the Red Sox, so we won't have to watch those "epic" Yankees/Red Sox matchups every time a national game comes on.

By Chris Edwards


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