The search for a buyer for the Detroit Pistons needs to come to an end. It's clearly hurting the team in the office and on the court. It's true that you want an owner that is going to be committed to keeping the team in the Detroit area and it doesn't help that the economy is in the crapper and more billionaires and multi millionaires are keeping a tight grip on their money. I'll explain why this needs to happen and happen fast if the Pistons plan on speeding up the rebuilding process.

First the team needs to find a buyer. Someone that will keep the team here in Detroit. Mike Illitch is still a possibility, I just think he would be spreading himself too thin, also owning the Detroit Red Wings and Detroit Tigers. It could work if he keeps Joe Dumars and let him work with Tom Wilson. He would also have to put the right basketball people in place for it to work. It would be a hit with the locals and maybe you wouldn't have all those empty seats dressed up as fans, since it seems that people support an Illitch owned sports entity.

 Tom Gores also is another possibility. He's a Flint native and Michigan State alum so that's a plus. He's talked about wanting to help in the state of Michigan, so the team possibly wouldn't be relocated under his ownership. Here's the problem, he's based in California, so he might want to move the team. Maybe Las Vegas would be his preferred destination. Who knows. Not too many know about the guy, except what I've mentioned above.

This week a there was a report about two separate groups from the Middle East being in negotiations to buy the Pistons. The two groups reportedly are from Qatar and Abu Dhabi, I believe. The two groups are a mystery to me since no one knows anything about them except they have tons of money. I don't think that would be a good fit, because the team would be more of a playtoy to them more than something they actually want to invest any time in. We already have a badly owned team in town and don't need another.

 On the other side of this, does Joe Dumars keep his job if there is new ownership. I would think so. I know he's had a bad run since 2004, but it wasn't like he was free to spend money when Bill Davidson was alive. He really can't do too much now since ownership is in limbo. I do think if there is no sale in the near future that he might opt to resign. This team needs new ownership so it can finally head in a different direction. The team isn't going anywhere right now and is not a threat to make the playoffs anytime soon. I think with the right coach and a few moves to get some younger talent in there the Pistons could actually be a product worth watching. As of now they're on par with some of those bad Lions teams I've grown accustomed to seeing every Sunday.    

By Chris Edwards


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