It's amazing how technology has come over the years. With all the cool new phones that are extremely beneficial to us humans, like the iPhone, Android, Smartphone, and others, some even save people's lives.

California high-school basketball star, Xavier Jones, was one of those lucky people saved by technology. In fact, it just took a single iPhone application.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Jones' coach downloaded an app called "Phone Aid" to help him perform CPR on Jones. Jones collapsed during a team practice, but was breathing again soon after the doctors arrived.

"When it happened, that was too much of a coincidence for me," the head coach said.

The star basketball player was at the edge of death.

"I'm just thankful and happy to be here," Jones said. "Things could have been a lot worse.

"I'm just happy to be alive."

Good thing they have a coach like him.

"I can't thank him enough for being there for my son," Xavier Jones' mother, Linda Jones said.

By Josh Dhani


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