The longest-tenured coach in the NBA this season has now stepped down. Utah Jazz head coach, Jerry Sloan, re-signed as the team's head coach after spending 23 seasons with them. Sloan is the longest-tenured coach in sports up to 2010. He beat out notable coaches like Jeff Fisher of the Tennessee Titans, and more.

"I had a feeling this time was the time to move on," an emotional Sloan said during a Thursday afternoon news conference. "[That's] a long time to be in one organization. Again, I've been blessed. Today is a new day. When I get this over with, I'll feel better. My time is up and it's time to move on."

Sloan led many strong teams, especially like the 1990's squad mainly featuring John Stockton and Karl Malone. He also had a strong team in the 2000's, having Carlos Boozer and Deron Williams as one of the most notable this decade.

It seemed that Sloan's time would end when he became frustrated over Boozer leaving to play with the Chicago Bulls. It got worse when Utah let Wesley Matthews go and head into Portland to sign with the Trail Blazers.

But probably the big reason is Deron Williams. Since Williams was a rookie, both haven't had such a good relationship. It all started when the point guard didn't get the minutes he wanted in his rookie year. And the relationship has gone on a rocky road since.

In fact, in games this season, Williams skipped Sloan's instructions and plans in games and came with plays and schemes of his own. Their relationship was just that bad and disrespectful.

The Jazz have decided they'd rather go with star player's Williams' side than Sloan's, considering Williams obviously gives a better chance to win.

What really surprises me is that Sloan re-signs at a bit past midway point of the season. He could have just played out the year, since Utah has done pretty solid right now, holding the sixth seed in the Western Conference at the moment.

But the Jazz are fine, since they have Tyrone Corbin as an assistant head coach. He wasn't named interim, just signed as head coach since he was one of the more experienced and well-respected assistant coaches in the league. Along with that, he has more of a better relationship with Williams.

I wish the best of luck to Sloan now in his post-coaching career.

You've done solid in the NBA.


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