CHICAGO -- Derrick Rose is just simply amazing. The Chicago Bulls were down last night against the Atlanta Hawks. Rose just couldn't hit the shots he usually does to start off the game. However, he blossomed like an actual rose in the second half. All he needed was a little more sun and water, and he was ready to go.

And that was exactly what he did. Rose lighted up for 34 points in the game, and Chicago was able to roll in a 94-76 victory.

"If us winning games puts us ahead of them, that'll be great, but our thing is trying to keep this thing going," Rose said.

The Bulls have kept it going for a while. They have beaten the top teams, most notably the Miami Heat, as they swept the series against them. The Bulls are also 12-2 in their last 14. But what made this win more impressive was that Chicago made it without Carlos Boozer.

Rose has done so much this season. He started out the year struggling with his Bulls, with Boozer out. Once Boozer returned, the Bulls started rolling. Then, they lost another key big man: Joakim Noah. And they weren't strong at shooting guard. It was basically all up to Rose like it was last year. But what made it different was the chemistry.

Rose has led the Bulls to a 46-18 record, just half-of-a-game behind from the number-one seeded Boston Celtics, who just recently lost to the Philadelphia 76ers, 89-86. Rose has put up some big numbers, averaging 24.7 points, eight assists, and 4.3 rebounds per game.

The bandwagon for Rose becoming the Most Valuable Player is getting more cramped by the second. The latest to jump on was legend, Michael Jordan.

“MVP of the season,” the Bobcats owner said Wednesday night after the Bulls downed his team 101-84. “He deserves it. He’s playing that well, without a doubt.” Then Jordan offered that sly smile. “And if he doesn’t get it, now he will see how I felt a lot of those years,” the Bulls’ Hall of Famer said.

“I wish man,” Rose said. “It’s great that he said that. It’s an honor. I’m speechless. But I’m just trying to keep winning. The award will come if we keep winning. I’m just trying to play hard and aggressive and with an edge.” Rose said he hopes to pick Jordan’s brains about winning in the future. “You always know when he’s in the building,” Rose said. “His presence is probably the craziest of all the NBA players who have played this game.”

The Bulls are within getting the first seed, and all should be credited to Rose. He has deserved it. He's been putting on highlights each and every night. The man just can't be stopped.

Rose is the closest thing to Jordan for the Bulls. He is so far showing it. He may not be Jordan, he may not be Pippen, and he may not be any other great. You don't usually see point guards leading their teams to greatness.

But Rose is just what the Bulls need. And look at how far Chi-Town has gotten. I guess Chicago has finally found that rose rising from the cracks of the concrete.

His name is Derrick.


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