http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5133/5432293679_c043855ef4.jpgFace it, the Indiana Pacers have been awful so far. Under Frank Vogel, Indiana was sparkling with a 7-1 start. But things slowly started drifting now with Indiana now on a six-game losing-streak.

Games against the 76ers, Timberwolves, and the Raptors had to be victories, but they got pummeled in each one. As it stands, Indiana has a 27-38 record, barely holding on to the eighth seed with the Bucks and Bobcats right behind them.

However, despite the struggling, I believe the Pacers will be able to make the playoffs still and be the eighth seed. They have an easier schedule than all the other teams.

Many expect it will come down to the Bobcats and Pacers for the eighth seed, but when you really look at it, it's actually Milwaukee and Indiana.

Charlotte has the toughest schedule out of the both to end the year and Indiana has the easiest.

The Pacers will get their first win to end the streak in the back-to-back games versus the Knicks. One of them will have to be victories. Then Indy will go on a three-game losing-streak versus the Celtics, Bulls, and Grizzlies. At 28-42, it doesn't look so good. But then, they will spark up with wins versus the Nets, Bobcats, Kings, and Pistons, which brings them at 32-42.

Then a loss versus the Celtics next brings them down to 32-43. Then a two-game winning-streak sparks up against the Bucks and Pistons, then back to a loss in New Orleans. Indiana will finish out with wins versus the Hawks and Wizards and end the season on a two-game losing-streak against Orlando and New York. They finish at 36-46.

For Milwaukee, they start out with a loss versus Boston, then a win versus Atlanta, then a loss against Orlando. Then they have a three-game win-streak against New Jersey, New York, and Sacramento. Then a loss against Chicago and New York. They would finish out the month with wins versus Charlotte and Toronto on the road, which brings them at 32-42.

They start out April with a four-game losing-streak versus Indiana, Philadelphia, Orlando, and Miami. Then wins come by against the Pistons, Cavaliers, and Raptors. They end out the season with a loss versus Oklahoma City, which brings them at 35-47. Even if they beat OKC, they wouldn't have made the playoffs because of Indy beating them early in April.

Charlotte has an ugly one, so here is how it goes:
  1. Losing-streak to start off: @Toronto, @Houston, @OKC, @SAS, IND, @BOS. 27-44 now.
  2. Win against New York, 28-44.
  3. Loss against Milwaukee, 28-45.
  4. Win against Cleveland, 29-45.
  5. Loss against Orlando, 29-46.
  6. Wins against Cleveland and Washington, 31-46.
  7. Losses: Orlando and Miami, 31-48.
  8. Win in Detroit, 32-48.
  9. Loss to NJN and ATL, 32-50.
So this is how the eighth seed race ends out compared to what it is currently:
  1. Indiana, 36-46 (Currently 27-38, First Place)
  2. Milwaukee, 35-47 (Currently 26-38, Third Place)
  3. Charlotte, 32-50 (Currently 27-38, Second Place)
So good luck to Indiana. I really expect them to do this.


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