Two Tennessee high school teams finished up a Regional game, with the final score being 13-12. These teams, who are top in the state, had a combined 25 points...in only 36 minutes.

The first point finally came just before halftime with a free-throw by East Literature. Before that, the game just featured continuous passing, according to the source.

"White House went into a stall early ... so I told my team we'll play any way they want to," East Literature coach Jim Fey told The Tennessean. "We held ball the entire third quarter and no one scored. And when the overtime started, we won the tip and I told them to keep holding it. It really shows what kind of team we have, to be able to adjust and adapt and play any style of game. My boys wanted to get out there and run."

White House dropped to 16-11 after this match.

"We basically just stalled, tried to give ourselves a chance to win at the end," said White House Coach Dee Spencer. "We knew we couldn't play with them with our normal style of play."

This is probably one of the weirdest scores I'll ever see!


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