Luc Robitaille enjoyed a very successful NHL career. He was one of the most prolific scorers with the Los Angeles Kings and won a Stanley Cup championship with the Detroit Red Wings. His 16 year old son Jesse plans on making it to the big time in a different way.

Jesse is launching a music career and is going by the name Jesserae. Although he is young he says he doesn't do the Justin Bieber style (sugary pop) and sings "rock, soul, and groove". He plays the guitar and is more acoustic rock than teeny bop. Even though he hasn't hit it big, he has garnered around 40,000 hits on Youtube. Jesserae will be taking a tour of the Midwest and Robitaille is supportive of his son's choice of career.

"It's totally fine by me," Robitaille said. "As long as I see him working hard, which he is doing, I'm a happy man and I'll do everything to support him."

Sounds like he won't be getting by on the family name. This isn't the first child out of the family to make it in another line of entertainment work. Luc's stepson, Steven R. McQueen went into the acting field and Robitaille advised him not to take the Robitaille name. McQueen is the grandson of Steve McQueen. The R is a tribute to Robitaille.

By Chris Edwards


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