Garrett Gilbert struggled during his junior year with the Texas Longhorns, throwing for ten touchdowns but 17 interceptions as the squad slumped to a 5-7 record to finish off the 2010 season.

Now in his senior season, Gilbert has one more shot to prove himself. And the Longhorns are giving him that chance after he was named starting quarterback.

The Longhorns struggled badly, having one of their worst seasons on offense, which led to an open quarterback battle. But it appears Gilbert will still keep the badge as starter.

The question is, can Gilbert hold his ground, or will he struggle again, which will lead to Case McCoy becoming the starter?

"He's the starting quarterback at Texas. If he moves the ball and scores, he'll keep it," coach Make Brown said. "He wouldn't be our starting quarterback if we didn't have faith in Garrett."

This is Gilbert's last chance.

Let's see if he can make the most of it.


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