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It’s been documented that the best approach for building a Super Bowl team is through drafting well, but that’s not to undermine the importance of signing free agents and executing trades.

Sometimes you can find some true value in skill players, allowing you to save draft picks for tougher to find positions like franchise quarterbacks or quality lineman.

Personally, I’m a firm believer in being aggressive when it comes to player movement and working with the intention of winning now.

Some may argue that last year’s two Super Bowl teams, the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers, didn’t make any flashy moves. While that’s true, that’s because they already have a strong nucleus in place. And even then, they did make it a priority to re-sign their own players.

Then there are other teams flirting with championship potential such as the Philadelphia Eagles, New Orleans Saints, and New England Patriots, that all made headlines with acquisitions.

But then there are those that remained quiet and failed to upgrade their teams in any way despite the need to.

The prime example: Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Despite having $47 million under the cap, they didn’t spend a penny of it in improving their roster. They could’ve added a dynamic playmaker on offense or another stout defender, but instead they stayed pat.

In fact, they even allowed middle linebacker Barrett Rudd to walk without replacement.

Just because they surprised the league with a 10-6 season last year, doesn’t guarantee they will experience similar success this year.

Just look at the Cincinnati Bengals who went 10-6 in 2009 and then faltered back to a dismal 4-12 the year after.

What makes you think the Bucs, a team that’s only made the playoffs twice in the past eight years, won’t suffer the same fate?

Especially since their NFC South competitors all made significant additions to their clubs. Even the lowly Carolina Panthers re-signed several key players such as DeAngelo Williams and Charles Johnson.

Building continuity is difficult in the NFL with so many teams pushing to get over the hump that you can never let go for a moment, let alone an entire offseason. You must continue to improve.

Teams like the Buffalo Bills, Cleveland Browns, and Oakland Raiders must realize that they have to make some changes if they hope to turn their franchise around.

While forming and maintaining a nucleus is important, you must develop that center of talent first.

That’s why for the bottom feeders of the league, they can’t afford to keep too quiet.

Even talented teams like the Chicago Bears can’t shy away from making a final big splash in order to elevate them to that next level. They went in desperately needing more targets for Jay Cutler, yet did virtually nothing but lose his go-to-guy in Greg Olsen and make a pathetic attempt at reviving Roy Williams’ career.

It might be too early to see the ultimate ramifications, but when the season rolls around everyone will see that those who didn’t make moves will struggle.


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