Manny Pacquiao will have even more motivation to shut Juan Manuel Marquez up on Nov. 12 in Las Vegas, now that Floyd Mayweather's camp apparently has a time and place for the much-anticipated fight between Pacquiao and Mayweather.

Which is exactly why I'm predicting Pacquiao will knockout Marquez next Saturday night.

Marquez is convinced that he won the last two fights against Pacquiao, despite having drew and lost the 2004 and 2008 bouts respectively.

Marquez's camp even designed shirts to wear following a fight last November that claimed "Marquez Beat Pacquiao Twice!"

Boxing is all about disrespect so I have no problem with Marquez attempting to stir the pot and create some hype for what is sure to be a pathetic match, dominated by Pacquiao.

Marquez is 38 years old, six years older than Pacquiao, who is in his prime. Fight over.

But after his next Saturday night, Pacquiao would be wise to bypass the Marquez disrespect and head straight for the Mayweather disrespect.

If the proposed super fight is truly a "sick joke" like Pacquiao's camp claims, then use those precious moments on the mic to challenge Mayweather's manhood.

Shake that left glove at the camera lens and give him a mean-spirited smile.

If 34-year-old "Money" Mayweather still wants to fight after he's seen Pacquiao put Marquez to sleep in the very place they are set to meet next May, according to Mayweather, then call him on it.

The post match reaction will no doubt be better than the fight on Nov. 12. Stay tuned.


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