When the Pittsburgh Steelers let Bruce Arians' contract expire with the Pittsburgh Steelers as the offensive coordinator, Ben Roethlisberger was unhappy about the whole situation. Art Rooney II said that the Steelers should go back to their old ways of running the offense, which is a more balanced attack with more of running the ball. With that, Big Ben has kind of made controversy with his comments lately. We'll see how that will turn out.

As for Arians, he ends up Indianapolis as the Colts were able to hire him to become the new OC. He is scheduled to fly Monday to Indy and review and sign the contract.

The 59-year-old Arians has had much success with the team's offense for the past five seasons, along with helping them to a Super Bowl victory. His offense brought a style of a pass-heavy offense, different from a run-first that was in the Bill Cowher era.

With this, there's still a good chance that Peyton Manning could stay in Indy. Along with Arians, the Colts could improve their rushing game. This season, they have improved significantly in the run, and I see them improving even more with Arians as the new man. Plus, not to mention the pass offense, which hopefully could feature Manning, if not Andrew Luck.

Looking forward to what Arians brings to the offense as he joins rival coach, Chuck Pagano.
Written by Josh Dhani, Founder (Archive/RSS)

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