Things have continued to gone worse for Sidney Crosby. After so many concussions and injuries, Sidney Crosby is now into another one.

According to Crosby's agent, Pat Brisson, he has a neck injury and third-party doctors will be reviewing the MRI's of his injuries in the next one-to-two days to check out how severe the injury may be. And not to mention, this also adds into the post-concussion symptoms he's been having as well.

"The good news is he's safe," Brisson told ESPN.com. "It's treatable, which is positive."

The Penguins released this statement today about Crosby's condition:

"The diagnosis of Dr. Robert S. Bray, a neurological spine specialist based in Los Angeles, is that Sidney Crosby had suffered a neck injury in addition to a concussion," the release read. "Dr. Bray reports that the neck injury is fully healed. Those findings will be evaluated by independent specialists over the next few days. The most important goal all along has been Sidney's return to full health, and we are encouraged that progress continues to be made."
Crosby returned to Pittsburgh today skating. Penguins' GM Ray Shero has said Crosby will continue skating and working out like he has been for the past week.

"Hopefully we'll see next week as to where he is and we'll get the reports from California and compare notes to what's been done so far," Shero said. "We want to continue to look to see how we can get this under control and manageable so he can return to play."

It's sad to see an NHL great be like this right now. He's only 24 and his career could be cut short, which is a big possibility. However, these fellows in the ESPN report of this injury have made a good point about all of this:
Would be sad to see Crosby go, but this could end up happening for the best of him.

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