Miami has 2 superstars that characterize a generation of basketball. Orlando has Superman. New York has STAT and Melo. Chicago doesn’t have a player, they have a team. Obviously Derrick Rose stands as the team leader (and League MVP). But night-in and night-out the Bulls play as a group. They are not a group of individuals. There is not the feeling that one player is more important than the other.

The Bulls have role players, hungry players, go to players, secret weapons, versatility, reliability. It just depends on what they need on a given night.

It’s not the type of team that you make a movie about. They aren’t a group of rogue misfits who have something to prove. They aren’t a mediocre underdog bunch who are disrespected and so go about earning everyone’s admiration with a great championship run. No, the Bulls could probably care less about story lines and subplots. They just care about winning.

Top down. Rose to Thibs, Noah to Lucas. The Bulls have all the pieces and more importantly all the pieces fit the same puzzle. But let’s break it down further and show you what I mean.

D-Rose: The MVP. All this kid has ever done is win. He sprinted into the Association, and has only gotten faster since. Hardware means nothing to him but he’s sure got a lot of it.

Luol Deng-erous: Versatility and a skill set that most players only have one or two tools from. Can shoot, pass, run the break, play-D and get open. As a veteran he plays smarter and uses his strengths to his advantages.

Richard “Rip” Hamilton: After earlier career success Rip is once again hungry enough to go through whomever it takes to win. His old team is a memory, his new team is winning.

Joakim Noah: Outward Displays of Emotion (from Dan Roan). Joakim brings the fire and intensity. We’ve missed him so far this year but perhaps he is just hibernating. It was a long off season.

Carlos Boozer: Jump shooter, post player. When this guy gets confident he spells trouble for defenders. His speed creates mismatches and his smarts make him valuable on all sides of the ball.

JL3: This little guy is a fighter. He won’t win you a championship but he can win you some games. A good weapon to have, a veteran who knows what it’s like to battle til the end.

CJ Watson: Following Derrick Rose is never easy but Watson knows what’s expected of him and more often than not he delivers. Long defender for his position and can create his own shot.

Omer Asik: The Defender. One of the best defensive big men in the league. Great footwork and body position. Great vision on defense. Maybe doesn’t have the minutes but when he’s in there are no easy layups.

Ex-Scal-iber: better known as Brian Scalabrine AKA the White Mamba. Perhaps the most prolific 4th quarter scorer the league has ever seen. Over the last year no player has scored more percentage of their points in the final frame than Scal. A true legend.

(Some players were left off due to length constraints)

All this and more is what the Bulls have to work with on a given night. Other teams have 2 or 3 role players who become a significant part of each game. The Bulls have ten. All ten have the same role, winning. The way they do it is different but the outcome is always (okay 85% of the time) the same.

By JP Perkins via FeedCrossing
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