We knew he was one of the magazine’s 50 most beautiful people before he led the Patriots to Super Bowl XLVI. We knew he was a lucky man, married to Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen. We knew he was the greatest quarterback of all-time in NFL history.

But as we are less than 24 hours away from the Super Bowl, although his legacy is cemented as one of the best passers in the game, Tom Brady can win his fourth title to validate his legacy for which he’ll tie Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw with the most Super Bowl wins for a quarterback.

It’s obvious what the New England Patriots intentions are, in a game larger than just individual achievements but also about revenge, after the upsetting loss against the New York Giants four years ago. It’s not of surprise that he’s in conversations for becoming not only the best quarterback of this generation, but also for legitimizing a place in history.

By now, of course, it’s a no-brainer that Brady is a future Hall of Famer, on his way to defying every sense of supremacy and marvel. The storyline of a noteworthy player who is the hallmark of football sent the world into delirium over all the publicity surrounding his position in NFL history.

If the Patriots are to lose, unable to avenge an unfortunate loss from four years ago, then Brady won’t tie Montana and will fail twice again the Giants. The entire thing could be a sign of fineness and perfection in a dramatic rematch for Brady, who has three Super Bowl rings and five appearances in 10 seasons.

What’s most telling is that he’s so instrumental in the Patriots dominant offense. The state of Brady is what seems relevant here, in his attempt to capture a win to historically solidify hierarchy.

Everyone knows, which he has laid the foundation for a dynasty last decade, Brady is a two-time Super Bowl MVP with a 141-40 lifetime record and a 17-5 postseason mark. The chances of him measuring up to idealism in a game of such magnitude is likely, and now is the moment for Brady to lead his Bunch to a Super Bowl title, overdue of transcending beyond greatness.

Again, he has his eyes on the prize, surrounded by offensive weapons with an advantage to find tight ends Aaron Hernandez and All-Pro Rob Gronkowski running in the slot and Wes Welker cutting the middle to position himself for a downfield pass.

Absolutely Brady is as advertised, and the most fascinating thing about him is that he’s the hottest, sexiest product in the NFL, a celebrity, the epitome of an old-school-like quarterback with the arm strength to fire throws to his intended receivers.

For years now, you and I have watched Brady. We’ve been amazed by his craft and perfection, soaring to new heights ever since he — as an inexperienced passer — replaced an injured Drew Bledsoe at quarterback for the Patriots.

Only a female reporter shows up to media day in a wedding dress and proposes to Brady. Only he turns decent receivers into perennial receivers. He owns three rings, but gave one to his dad.

By the end of Sunday night, we’ll know a bit more about Brady, and if the Pats win, owner Robert Craft will call him the fifth son. If he becomes the fifth son, Brady will go down as one of the finest quarterbacks, if not already.

That’s the way the Patriots became the Brady Bunch.
Written by Jonathan Mathis, Columnist (Archive/RSS)

An aspiring sports journalist, a sports columnist for three sports sites. Sports Judge is all sports. Follow @Jon9685


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