1. Shouldn't Vlad Guerrero be signed already?

2. Why doesn't Pete Gillen have job?

3. Is this the official end of Tebowmania?

4. Did the Lakers make the best trade deadline moves and are they in prime position to challenge the Thunder?

5. Have the Wizards finally rid themselves of their headcases?

6. Will Gilbert Arenas have an impact on the Grizzlies?

7. Can Peyton Manning get the Broncos multiple Super Bowl trophies?

8. Don't you think if Florida State had an offense like the old Pat Kennedy days they'd be advancing?

9. Wouldn't Shaka Smart be wise to stay at VCU?

10. Isn't it good to see N.C. State on the national stage?

11. Who is impressed with how Royce White played this season?

12. When will there be another great American heavyweight?

13. Is this the year everyone stops knocking LeBron?

14. What will it take for Pacquiao and Mayweather to step into the ring?

15. Does Michigan really have a chance against Alabama in college football's opener?

16. Why do women's basketball produce so many blowouts?

17. Is Perry Jones III really a lottery pick?

18. Will the Phillies dominate the NL East again?

19. Wouldn't it be nice to see UNLV return to their renegade winning ways?

20. Will Tiger Woods ever win another major?  

Written by Chris Edwards, Writer
I love to talk sports.Just a fan that blogs about what   goes on in the world of sports. Everyone feel free to discuss their  take  on what's going on.
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