Surprisingly no one has given any thought of signing Vladimir Guerrero. He can still swing it, even though he has to cheat on fastballs, but he can no longer play in the field.

That almost spells it out for anyone. I guess no one has room for a one trick pony on their roster, if your name isn't Manny Ramirez. Guerrero does plan on playing somewhere though. He just doesn't know where. According to his agent, one of his options may be playing in Japan.

Fernando Cuza indicated to Jon Heyman of CBSSports.com that Guerrero will wait around for the phone to ring until the end of spring training, but considering he has no business playing the outfield at this point and so few teams aren’t already set with designated hitter options the market for Guerrero seems unlikely to heat up.

Guerrero, who had a reputation of being a notorious bad ball hitter, was one of my favorites because of that aforementioned trait. I wouldn't like to see him end his career in Japan, but you have to do what you have to do. I wouldn't want to see him flailing away helplessly and being overmatched against major league pitching.

I would bet on someone throwing him a bone before the season starts.       

Written by Chris Edwards, Writer
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