During the All-Star game last week, I'm sure you are well aware that Dwyane Wade went dirty on Kobe Bryant, making him have his nose bleed and now having him looking like this.

As a teammate of Kobe, Andrew Bynum wants to back his man up. He's already has played with dirty with other players, such as Michael Beasley and J.J. Barea.

However, don't expect the Lakers' center to go Barea on D-Wade as Los Angeles takes on the Miami Heat today.

"I can't do anything about (it)," Bynum said. "If I do anything, they're (refs) going to definitely hit me (with punishment). It sucks. It's not good. It's just unfortunate and something we got to deal with."

Bynum started off the season with a four-game suspension for his hard fouls on Beasley and Barea.

"I got two (targets on me)," Bynum said. "I got Beasley, I got Barea and people blame me for the Gerald Wallace incident, but I didn't do anything in that particular one."

Looks like we'll see today if anything goes on between the two.

Written by Josh Dhani, Founder

Josh has been writing since January 2009 and has founded the websites FootBasket, Hardcourt Mayhem, Gridiron Mayhem, and Staring Down Spike. For a full bio, check out JoshDhani.com. Follow him on Twitter @JoshDhani


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