By Josh Dhani

With 1:10 remaining during the Bulls' 103-91 Game One victory over the 76ers, star point guard Derrick Rose injured his left knee as he tried leap on his left foot, later falling to the ground.

I just posted an article earlier on here about fake tweets that caused an uproar over Rose "tearing his ACL." That post has since then been deleted after it was just reported that he has torn his ACL for real now.

The reigning NBA MVP has struggled with injuries this season, only playing in 40 games this season, which includes the playoffs. He hasn't played more than two games in a row since his foot injury on March 12.

"It's tough," Carlos Boozer said. "It seems like he just can't catch a break. ... I just feel for him, man. He really can't catch a break this season."

Rose ended up scoring 23 points, nine rebounds, and nine assists in the game. Coach Tom Thibodeau took a lot of heat for having his starters with the Bulls up by a lot late in the fourth. Thibodeau would respond to the criticism.

"I don't work backwards like you guys do," Thibodeau said. "The score was going the other way."

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Despite winning the game, the Bulls look like a team that lost the NBA Finals.

"I just started saying a prayer," said Bulls backup guard John Lucas.

"It's like the saddest win," Bulls shooting guard Kyle Korver said. "Regardless, we've got to pick ourselves up. We've played a lot of games this year without him. So maybe it was just getting us ready for this."

The Bulls will play again on Tuesday for Game Two, looking to get their momentum back up again and still try to defeat Philly.

With the injury, C.J. Watson will most likely be the starter now. He filled in nicely when Rose was out and I can see him drastically stepping up his game now that it's playoff-time. This injury doesn't end the series, though.

Remember, Chicago still has a ton of depth. Luol Deng looks to be one of the main scorers for the squad, having 17 points in Game One. Chicago also still has their big men in Boozer and Joakim Noah, along with Taj Gibson coming off the bench.

I had the Bulls winning originally in six games against the Sixers in my preview. I still think they can win the series, but it may take more effort and maybe even a seven-game series.

Philadelphia looked good at moments in the game, with Evan Turner taking over and becoming a playmaker. Turner originally said before that he likes the Bulls as a match-up, and with Rose gone, he probably likes this match-up even better.

Jrue Holiday and Lou Williams may also have an advantage now in the series with Rose gone. However, let's remember, they are still going against Watson who is a serviceable point guard and can probably start on teams as well.

Overall, the Bulls' depth will have them getting past the first round. The big question will be the Divisional Round. Can their depth carry them there?

That is what remains the big question.

If my predictions in the preview go correctly, they'll face the Boston Celtics. Right here looks like it ends the trip for Chicago. But even if they do get past the Big Four, they'll most likely be seeing the Miami Heat again in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Do you really think the Bulls, without D-Rose, can get past a team featuring LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh? Sure, their back-ups beat Miami in the regular season during that overtime win, but that was the regular season.

Judging from LeBron's and the rest of the Heat's play from Game One against the New York Knicks and last year, the Heat are a totally different team coming into the playoffs. They are just a dangerous team in the post-season and I don't think the Bulls have enough to contain them.

With Rose's injury, Miami has become instant favorites now to win the Eastern Conference, if they weren't already. I don't doubt the Bulls, but let's be real here folks.

Their depth will carry them as far as they are able to. And it looks like that stops in South Beach if they make it that far.

And with this tragic news, Chicago's championship hopes are in jeopardy.


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