By Josh Dhani

Game One of the series between the Heat and Knicks have been physical. It's definitely a playoff atmosphere in South Beach on a fine Saturday. However, it's controversial as well.

LeBron James made a questionable flop earlier in the first quarter, but what he did in the second really took it over the line.

With 1:36 remaining, with the Heat having a big 45-31 lead, Knicks center Tyson Chandler made a hard screen on James. Immediately after it, James reacted and then fell to the floor. His acting job right there instantly sold the refs, causing Chandler to have a flagrant foul.

Honestly, that was just crazy. It's things like this that sometimes take the fun out of the game. I know many players flop, but this is over the line. A guy that's that big and strong like James can't even fall to the floor like that. And if you look closely, James reacted pretty late to the hit.

However, Miami would end up destroying New York anyways, with James taking over. 

Also, in the video above, enjoy Jeff Van Gundy go on another rant. Gotta love it!


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