Bill Polian has had his share of solid draft picks, like for one obviously being Peyton Manning. Polian is also rather obsessed with running backs, drafting several of them in his career.

He has drafted three of them in the first round in Indianapolis, only one really being a solid success, which was Edgerrin James. As for the others? Not so much. Joseph Addai had injury issues and Donald Brown...is just Donald Brown.

So it doesn't come to too much of a surprise when he said that Trent Richardson's is the best player of this year's draft class, despite this class also having Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III.

“The two quarterbacks — because the nature of the position — followed by Trent Richardson, because he is such a dynamic player — sort of set themselves apart,” he said. 

“Richardson might be the best player in this draft,” Polian continued. “You could argue that. He has very few flaws. And even as nitpicky as we get at this time of year, there’s very little to dislike about him or even very few nits to pick.”

Richardson is the best running back in the draft, and probably the most athletic but I don't think he's the best.

Anyways, a little off topic, I expect the former Alabama running back to be drafted fourth overall by the Cleveland Browns come this Thursday.

As for Bill Polian, he still loves those running backs.


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