The Denver Broncos are looking to help out Peyton Manning as much as possible. Back in Indianapolis, the star quarterback hadn't had a solid running game since 2007.

However, now in Denver, he has Willis McGahee, who helped out a strong running game the Broncos provided last year. However, McGahee isn't getting any younger and at 31, his tires will flatten sooner or later.

Even though the Broncos have Knownshon Moreno, his health has been a question. He was labeled out for the season last year after tearing a ligament in his right knee during week ten against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Moreno would finish with 179 yards on 4.8 yards per carry. However, there is more news for 24-year-old. With him still recovering, he'll most likely still be on the PUP list all the way up to begin next season.

Moreno also has some discipline issues, as he was arrested and charge with DUI back in February due to careless driving and not having insurance.

"We certainly talked to him about it," John Fox tells the Denver Post. "... I don't think anybody knows too many perfect people walking around, but we take it very seriously, and we're going to monitor him going forward."

http://unit-pic.twittweb.com/img/original/7c/7cdd1544fa12e719310284418a0bd36f.jpegFox told the Post that with Moreno battling through the injury, the Broncos may go after another running back through free agency or the draft.

I wouldn't be surprised if they signed Joseph Addai, who was recently released by the Colts. Denver has signed some former Colts players to make Manning feel more comfortable. Addai was a solid blocking-back, and can help Manning as well. Addai can also possibly get his groove back again to being a 1,000-yard rusher like he was earlier in his career.


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