Many have been going berserk over the audio that was released of Gregg Williams' pregrame speech for an NFL playoff game as the Saints were heading off to take on the 49ers (in which they lost). Some have went as far as saying that he should be banned from the NFL for life.

However, others like former Giants linebacker Carl Banks wasn't surprised by the audio. The same goes for another ex-Giants linebacker, Antonio Pierce.

"I've heard that speech from seven of the defensive coordinators I've played with in my nine-year career," Pierce told ESPN this week, via the New York Daily News. "Think about it, if a guy knows he's going to get hit hard, he's not going to come across that middle."

Pierce had Williams as his defensive coordinator before back in 2004 when he was with the Washington Redskins. He said the audio was a little bit too harsh, though. However, many defensive coordinators have talked about players' injuries.

"Throughout the week we always knew who was injured and what body part was injured," Pierce said. "If he's not in the game, our chances of winning are higher. And that's what it's all about. It's all about winning."

However, what Pierce fails to understand is that they wanted to injure them and force it, not from if they were already injured or not. Along with that, he PAID them for it.

It just shows that Williams has been doing this for a long time then.

However, I still think he should be banned for life from the league. I believe in second chances, but when it's something like this, you just can't have one.


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