Turning 40 years old soon, Dallas Mavericks point guard Jason Kidd says he doesn't plan to retire soon. Not yet. If all things go well, he can be a serviceable back-up for the Mavs as the team looks to make a run at Deron Williams.

Kidd says he once finally hangs it up, he would like to take over as general manager for Dallas.

“I would like to go upstairs,” Kidd told Hoops World. “I’d like to be the person who puts all of the pieces together. We’ll see if that works out.”

Kidd can do it, as he can follow the footsteps of other NBA players who were a success as GM's such as Jerry West, Danny Ainge, and John Paxson. But not every former player can do it (cough, cough Michael Jordan).

Kidd has been averaging six points and five assists so far this season.


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