With David Stern recently proposing the idea of extending the age for the NBA Draft, Mark Cuban has now joined in, however taking it a step further. The Dallas Mavericks owner says that players should stay in college for at least three years before making the move to go pro.

Cuban says that a lot more players have struggled coming straight out of high school or coming out after a year in college.

"I just think there's a lot more kids that get ruined coming out early or going to school trying to be developed to come out early than actually make it," Cuban said. "For every Kobe (Bryant) or (Kevin) Garnett or Carmelo (Anthony) or LeBron (James), there's 100 Lenny Cookes."

As some of you may know, Cooke was a high-schooler who made the jump to the NBA, but never got drafted nor played in a game.

"Then you say, what about the kids that aren't college material or whatever?" Cuban said. "I think then we just put them in the D-League for three years and then they become draft-eligible with their class.

"They could go to Europe if they want, like Brandon Jennings. That'd be fine. There is nothing that I would like better than to throw our problems on FIBA. Then we'd get some of our money's worth with them."

The NBA made the rule change in 2005 that players can't come straight out of high school. However, some college players still couldn't make it big in the NBA. However, Cuban says it's not only about the kids being busts but it's that their lives will get ruined.

"It's not even so much about lottery busts," Cuban said. "It's about kids' lives that we're ruining. Even if you're a first-round pick and you have three years of guaranteed money -- or two years now of guaranteed money -- then what? Because if you're a bust and it turns out you just can't play in the NBA, your 'Rocks for Jocks' one year of schooling isn't going to get you real far.

"I just don't think it takes into consideration the kids enough. Obviously, I think there's significant benefit for the NBA. It's not my decision to make, but that's my opinion on it."

Cuban also wants the NBA to use the D-League more and make it a useful product like what the MLB has done so. Cuban would also like to see the NBA Draft extend to one or two more rounds.

"I just don't think we do it the right way by a long shot," Cuban said. "We shoot ourselves in the forehead."

I totally agree with Cuban on his assessment. I actually agree with everything. I honestly think all of this can work out well for the NBA, and it will help out the NCAA as well.

Cuban for commissioner!


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