Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, and Ryan Tannehill look to get off the board fast before the Cleveland Browns approach with their 22nd overall pick in the upcoming NFL Draft. With that, the next best quarterback looks to be Brandon Weeden out of Oklahoma State, as he sees himself at No. 22 or as far as No. 37 to be drafted by the Browns.

Weeden says if he is in fact drafted by the Browns, he wants to compete with Colt McCoy and sees himself beating them.

“I know Colt had a good year last year, and he’s a good football player,” Weeden told Cleveland.com. “But I’m a competitor, and I want to play as soon as possible. I’d be excited about the opportunity to come in and compete with him and see how things pan out.”

However, I don't see the Browns getting him at No. 22, considering that he's 28-years-old. Weeden says he'd be disappointed if he falls late in the second, but he shouldn't be surprised if he falls to the fourth round. However, there's a good chance he can fall to Cleveland at No. 37, assuming that Cleveland picks a guy like Stephen Hill at the 22nd pick.

“I feel really good about how everything’s gone with the Browns throughout this whole process. It would be exciting if I ended up there,” Weeden said. “They’ve got a good thing going on there, and they’re headed in the right direction.”

It seems like a good draft situation for Cleveland, as they'd most probably get Trent Richardson, maybe Hill, and then Weeden as their first three picks.

However, it still shows that they don't have the complete confidence yet in McCoy.


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