Jeremy Lin or Steve Nash? 

Does New York go with its homegrown hero or go for the wily veteran? Tough choice indeed for the New York Knicks.

Lin brought himself to superstardom with his shocking performance this season before going down with a torn meniscus. Lin's agent, Roger Montgomery, will want Lin to give his team a favor for signing around $3 million this off-season. This will give the Knicks more salary cap flexibility in re-signing along with going out and getting others.

Lin would benefit by staying in the New York market as well. His stardom could continue to grow with greater success alongside stars Carmelo Anthony and Amar'e Stoudemire.

Knicks interim coach Mike Woodson said he wants Lin back, but didn't guarantee he would keep his starting role. 

"Jeremy's a big part of our team. Will he start? Only time will tell,” Woodson said on Thursday.

This opens the door for Stoudemire's former teammate in Nash to come into the fold. Stoudemire has already started his recruitment of the veteran point guard as well. 

"What team wouldn't want a two-time MVP, an assist leader, a veteran point guard? But we do have Jeremy Lin here and we have confidence in what he can do for us," Stoudemire said Thursday. "I love Steve. It would be great to have him next year."

As you can see, Stoudemire would love to have Nash playing with him again. Nash brought out the best in him during their Phoenix playing days. It would benefit him greatly if Nash was back with him in New York. 

STAT then put in his opinion on Lin. 

"Jeremy's obviously a phenomenal (player). He's done a great job for us this year. He helped us maintain our playoff berth when he was here playing, so much respect for him for that."

The question is, would Lin take a big sacrifice in money to have him and Nash together? The answer is probably no. 

Lin has to take a pay cut in the first place to help out New York re-sign other key members of the team. If the Knicks were to re-sign Lin, it would end their shot at getting Nash. They have to choose between the two, as it doesn't seem like they'll be able to have the best of both worlds.

If I had to make a guess as to who New York will have next year, it will probably be Lin. He's the cheaper and more long-term option for the Knicks. 

Plus, will Nash see the Knicks as a true contender for the Finals, as it's the main reason he'll be heading to free agency: to win a title before he retires.

It will be interesting to how this all plays out this summer in the Big Apple. 

Evan Sidery is a beat writer for FootBasket. He is a fan of the Colts and Pacers. You can see more about him by following him on Twitter.


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