Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert is finally getting the love he deserves. Against the Miami Heat, he's finally getting in the national spotlight.

He came out and had the best performance of his career in Game 3, having 19 points, 18 rebounds, and five blocks. If he can continue this dominance, Indiana will be in the NBA Finals.

Hibbert is starting to devastate the paint on offense and defense against the under-sized Heat team, now that they're without Chris Bosh. It sure looks like if they keep feeding Hibbert, then you can say your goodbyes to the Heat in the playoffs.

In this Miami series, Hibbert is having a massive impact on the court. When he's off the court, the Pacers struggle mightily. ESPN Next Level explains Hibbert's importance to the Pacers in this series:

It's amazing how much Hibbert has changed this series. I certainly thought Miami would win this series in no more than six games, but now Indiana has put Miami on the brink.

Hibbert is averaging 12 points, 12 rebounds, and four blocks so far in the playoffs. He's having his coming out party in the playoffs and it will all certainly pay off in the off-season with his new deal with the Pacers.

The 7-2 center is starting to implement his jumper against the short Heat bigs. He also is using his signature hook shot against them with relative ease.

If Indiana wins Sunday to take the series lead at 3-1, it looks like we could possibly start looking ahead to who they would play in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Whoever the Pacers could possibly play if they beat the Heat are the Sixers or Celtics. Hibbert should be able to dominate again if he faces either of those teams.

Hibbert would be set to either go up against Kevin Garnett or Spencer Hawes in the Conference Finals. I would take him in those match-ups every time.

He should be able to use his tall frame and signature hook shot to tower over Garnett and Hawes. Indiana should be able to close out the Heat if they win on Sunday. Then, looking ahead, Hibbert should have his same dominance.

Here is Hibbert's performance in Game 3. If he can keep doing this, Indiana should be able to close out Miami and possibly make an amazing run to the NBA Finals.
Evan Sidery is a beat writer for FootBasket. He is a fan of the Colts and Pacers. You can see more about him by following him on Twitter.


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