The Los Angeles Lakers finally closed out the Denver Nuggets last night, 96-87, in the all-deciding Game 7 Saturday night. It was a close game all the way until the fourth when LA pulled away in the final minutes.

There were rumors brought up by Magic Johnson on Friday that the Lakers would fire head coach Mike Brown if they were to lose Game 7. Brown must've put a collective spark in all of the players for the sake of his job.

Pau Gasol finally showed he might not be soft after all with his performance of 23 points and 17 rebounds. Bynum also had his best game of the series with 16 points and 18 rebounds.

Steve Blake had his coming-out party last night, scoring 19 points and draining five three-pointers on the night. Los Angeles might have two good point guards in Blake and Ramon Sessions to temporarily have to make a run with star Kobe Bryant.

Kobe finally was passing around the ball. The star only had 17 points, but kept throwing it inside to Gasol and Bynum to finish with eight assists. Kobe was simply being Kobe on the night.

The Lakers were actually outclassed by Denver in the stats book, but played a better game. It really didn't even seem as close as it was heading into halftime at 48-42.

The Lakers simply outclassed Denver in the always pivotal Game 7. Now, the Black Mamba and crew head to Oklahoma City Monday night to play the Thunder for the Western Conference Semi-finals.

Will the Lakers beat the well rested Thunder in this series?

It sure looks like it will be one of the better match-ups in the second round of the playoffs. Stay glued to your televisions with the star battle of Bryant vs Kevin Durant next round,

Evan Sidery is a beat writer for FootBasket. He is a fan of the Colts and Pacers. You can see more about him by following him on Twitter. 


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