Boxing Rumors: Is Floyd Mayweather Retiring? His Uncle/Trainer, Roger, Doesn't Think So

Floyd Mayweather had a great victory Saturday night, defeating Miguel Cotto before he serves his jail sentence. Mayweather recalled his match with Cotto being the toughest ever for him.

However, he got the job done, winning his 43rd straight and still undefeated. And he still got the money as well, earning a total of $47 million, a Boxing record.

Mayweather did talk retirement after the game, saying that it's a "80-20" chance. However, his uncle/trainer, Roger Mayweather, doesn't think that will happen.

"He ain't gonna retire when he can make that kind of money," he told

Roger thought it was a great fight as his nephew took control.

"People liked the fight," he said. "They think the fight was competitive. But it wasn't as competitive as some people thought it was. Rough fight. But as far as the physical punishment, it was put on Cotto. It wasn't put on Floyd, it was put on Cotto."

I don't think Mayweather will be retiring anytime soon. We saw what he did a few years back when he announced his retirement. Then along came Manny Pacquiao, who stole all the fame and took the title on as the "best fighter in the world."

I don't see Mayweather leaving the ring until he gets his fight with the Pacman. "Money" Mayweather really wants it, as he said in the postgame press conference that he wants to get it done for the fans and get a fight.

However, he says Bob Arum is in the way. Ever since Pretty Boy Floyd left his group, he hasn't had a fight against a Bob Arum-fighter since.

We'll see what happens, but hopefully a fight can come up for what many have been waiting for years now.

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