According to the Missourian, several players got into a little scuffle during a New Orleans Saints practice.

It was started by backup quarterback Chase Daniel.

According to the report, Daniel threw an interception to cornerback Mike Jenkins during an 11-on-11 non-contact drill. Immediately following the play, linebacker Curtis Lofton bumped into Daniels.

After the play, Daniel threw the ball at Lofton's feet in disgust, which sparked a scuffle between him and Lofton as the two began jabbing words at each other. Howevever, guard Jahari Evans came to the rescue to split the two apart.

After that, nearly all the players came on the field and started shoving, but it then finally stopped.

"It wasn't necessarily in frustration," Daniel told the Missourian. "I was just mad that he literally just ran into me. But we cleared it up. We're good. ... It was hot, we were in the middle of practice, emotions flying everywhere and that's what happened."

Some players made the event positive after it, thinking it was good competitive-wise.

"We're competitors and I think it's healthy," said Lofton.

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