You thought the James Harden and Russell Westbrook ad was funny. Foot Locker keeps going at it, putting up another hilarious ad featuring Westbrook and Harden again along with Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh and Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love.

It shows Westbrook with his new Foot Locker gear in a blown-up canoe just chillin' there. Bosh asks why he's doing this as the Thunder point guard responds that he doesn't want to get wet with his new, fresh gear.

The same went for Harden and Love, who come out with a gigantic, blown-up yacht. Bosh asks how long it took the two blow up such a big thing as Love responds, "Six years." Both would trail off with their yacht.

Pretty random, but you gotta love the stuff Foot Locker is doing here.

Take a look:

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