After tons of complaining, Olympic gold medal gymnast Gabby Douglas got a new hairstyle.

Douglas received the new hairstyle from celebrity hair stylist, Ted Gibson. Douglas would tweet later that day, “A special thank you to my Gold Medal Celebrity Hair Stylist.”

“It’s 3 a.m., just left Ted Gibson NYC. Love you Gabrielle Douglas. What an amazing young lady you are," Gibson wrote.

Although it's nice, I really didn't see why so many people complained in the first place. It felt fine with me, even thought it may seem a little strange. Why didn't they instead pay attention to the fact that she is only 16 and she was the first African-American to win a gold medal all-around.

Gibson even agreed.

"I couldn’t believe it and still can’t,” said Gibson. "You have this young girl doing amazing things, and the conversation becomes about her hair? It was ridiculous and shameful."

Nice hairstyle for Douglas, though.

H/T Speleb

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