I’ll give it to Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan that he isn’t budging or playing around with running back Maurice Jones-Drew.

He let it be known from the start that the Pro Bowl running back would not receive a new deal, and that was that.

Pro Football Talk is reporting that Mr. Khan has another message for MJD. A clear one.

“Train is leaving the station. Run, get on it,” Khan said.

Khan also went on to say that Jones-Drew’s absence wasn’t a great concern. The owner, who clearly has a franchise in flux, is not playing around with Jones-Drew at all. Manyplayers  in the Jaguars locker room feel MJD will report soon. In my opinion, that would be his best bet.

In this pass-happy NFL, running backs come a dime a dozen. Will they be as good as he is? Probably not. This is one owner, though, who doesn’t have a problem finding out.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Glenn Erby is a NFL writer for FootBasket. He also owns the NFL blog, Tha Cover 2. You can read more about him over there. Follow him on Twitter @thacover2.


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