Titus Young May 2013Former Detroit Lions receiver Titus Young isn't gathering much sympathy in the court of public opinion after three arrests in the past week.

It has been a historic downfall for Young, a former second-round pick. He was thought to be a major contributor for the Lions for years to come, but now it's all about trying to get his life back together.

Chicago Bears receiver Brandon Marshall sympathizes with that Young is going through and says that he hopes Young gets treatment.

“He needs to get the right treatment plan. I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder a few years and got the right help, the right treatment, and now I’m advocating for it. Mental health in itself is just so stigmatized, it’s a taboo topic in our homes, in our communities, and we need more people to talk about it and not make Titus Young or people like myself or others who can’t fight for themselves a national punchline.

“Guys like Titus Young, it doesn’t necessarily mean he has to be diagnosed, but if we’re not treating these cases properly, it just gets worse. I hear people say his career is over. Well, first of all, it’s really not about his career right now. It’s about his life. And second of all, if he gets that in order, we’ll be looking at a success story, and this is a guy who will be in a locker room and guys will be coming to him for advice.”

Marshall said that he tried to reach out to Young, but wasn't able to. Marshall had some off-the-field issues himself and was willing to get treatment. I don't know if Young may be willing do the same, but I hope so because in a strange way I'm starting to feel sorry for the guy.


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