2013 MLB Home Run Derby Predictions and Preview

Chris-Davis-July-2013-2013-MLB-Home-Run-Derby-PredictionsMajor League Baseball's Home Run Derby has overtaken the actual All-Star Game as the most anticipated part of the All-Star weekend. This year's festivities are being held at Citi Field this year, home of the New York Mets.

I'm not even a huge baseball fan, but there are few things in sports better than watching some of the best hitters in baseball trying to bomb as many balls as they can over the fence.

This year's home run derby lineup is stacked with some of the league's best sluggers, including the MLB's current home run leader Chris Davis (37 HRs), New York City's own Pedro Alvarez (24 HRs) and last year's Home Run Derby winner Price Fielder (16 HRs). The only slugger missing from the group is Detroit's Miguel Cabrera, but you can't always have everyone.

ESPN's Jayson Stark wrote a piece earlier today on the Derby, and gave great insight on each player's numbers heading into tonight's competition.

Let's look at all the participants in tonight's Derby: Chris Davis (37 HRs), Pedro Alvarez (24 HRs), Robinson Cano (21 HRs), Prince Fielder (16 HRs), Yoenis Cespedes (15 HRs), Michael Cuddyer (16 HRs), Bryce Harper (13 HRs), David Wright (13 HRs).

Here's our 2013 MLB Home Run Derby predictions and preview.

The Non-Contenders

Yoenis-Cespedes-July-2013-MLB-Home-Run-Derby-PredictionsWith all due respect to Cespedes, Cuddyer and Wright, I just cannot see them winning tonight.

All three players are good hitters, but none of them are true home run hitters. Instead, they are good hitters with power.

The Dark Horse

Bryce-Harper-July-2013-MLB-Home-Run-Derby-PredictionsBryce Harper is my dark horse in tonight's Derby.

Harper has unbelievable power, and has chosen his father to be his pitcher. A few years back, Robinson Cano won the Home Run Derby with his father pitching, so we've seen this strategy work in the past.

I know Harper only has 13 home runs on the season so far, but this guy can really mash the ball.


Robinson-Cano-July-2013-Home-Run-Derby-PredictionsChris Davis is definitely a contender. It seems like he hits a home run every night against live pitching, so I can only image what he'll do against someone throwing batting practice.

You can't count out a two-time Derby winner, so Price Fielder definitely has a chance to win his third Derby tonight. He lives for these things.

Pedro Alvarez grew up in NYC, so he'll try to put on a show in front of his hometown fans. Alvarez is second in the National League in home runs right now, so we know he's got power.

Robinson Cano has one of the prettiest swings in baseball, and already has a Home Run Derby title on his resume. Cano has been streaky all year long, but if he gets on a tear, watch out.


Bryce Harper May 2013My gut instinct is telling me that it is going to come down to Bryce Harper and Chris Davis.

Davis seems like the easy choice, but I haven't heard anyone else pick Harper.

Look for Davis to have a monster first round and hit around 20 home runs, while Harper sneaks into the next round. In the final round, Davis will tire out and Harper will have just hit his groove.

I may be the only one doing this, but I'm picking Bryce Harper to win tonight's Home Run Derby.

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