By Glenn Erby
Lead Writer

The prosecution in the Aaron Hernandez murder case is struggling to find a murder weapon and enough viable witnesses willing to testify, so they’ve moved on to the next phase of trying to squeeze a confession out of Hernandez.

Jenny Wilson of the Hartford Courant is reporting that prosecutors believe that Hernandez’s fiancée, Shayanna Jenkins, engaged in what they deem an “overt attempts to hide evidence . . . and to hinder and mislead” the investigation.

That accusation came after police were unable to gain access to a storage unit rented in her name.

Court records allege that Hernandez called Jenkins the day after Lloyd’s body was found because Hernandez felt he needed to get rid of the weapons in the home he and Jenkins share.

Reports say that there is surveillance footage from Hernandez’s home that shows Jenkins leaving the house with a trash bag containing a lock box or safe. Records say she drove away and returned 35 minutes later. When she opened the trunk, the bag was no longer there.

That would make the alleged testimony of Carlos Ortiz accurate, and leave Shayanna Jenkins with the task of having to choose between her son or her son’s father.


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