By Glenn Erby
Lead Writer

Tennessee Titans hard-hitting safety Bernard Pollard doesn’t know embattled Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper, and Pollard has no plans of passing judgement on him either.

During the Titans camp, Pollard was asked his opinion of Cooper using racial slurs on a video. According to the Detroit Free Press, Pollard is without judgement.

“That word shouldn’t come out of anybody’s mouth. It is a touchy word. I know a lot of black people feel like they should be entitled and it’s OK to say it because they’re black. But we need to watch what we say, because as a society we don’t want our kids growing up saying it, we don’t want people saying it,” Pollard said.

“But I can get past it because everybody deserves a second chance. If I was his teammate, who am I to throw the first stone? I have said some things and done things and people have forgiven me.”

What do you think of Pollard's comments? 


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