By Glenn Erby
Lead Writer

Riley Cooper is somewhere at home, thinking about his terrible decision to use the N-word, and trying to figure out where he will go from here. Riley Cooper also may be a liar, and not truly sorry.

Crossing Broad, the site that released the video of Cooper saying the N-word, is reporting that the Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver may have had the opportunity to intervene before that video ever saw the light of day.

According to reports, Cooper was contacted by the owner of the video and friends of the person who recorded Cooper using racial slurs.

Cooper reportedly rebuffed all attempts to speak with him by blocking them on Twitter as recently as last Sunday night.
The video had been circulated amongst a small group of friends, several of whom contacted Cooper via Twitter over the past month and a half. Two of the people who contacted Cooper, one of whom eventually provided us with the video, confirmed that Cooper blocked them on Twitter, perhaps as recently as Sunday night.

Before releasing the video, we knew that Cooper had been contacted about its existence, but were unaware of the extent to which attempts to reach him occurred. Our source estimates that, since mid-June, Cooper was “tweeted at” 10-15 times by at least three separate accounts about the video in which he threatened to “jump the fence and fight every nigger” at the Chesney concert. All of those Tweets have since been deleted, but we’ve seen several of them and can confirm their existence.

One of Coopers friends was then contacted by the group. There still was no response from the Cooper representatives.

Someone reportedly even jokingly warned Cooper that he might want to respond before Eagles quarterback Michael Vick's brother, Marcus Vick, found out. Ironically, Marcus did find out and placed a bounty on Cooper.

The friends and owner of the video claimed they were not trying to blackmail Cooper, but we will ultimately never know.

What we do know is that Cooper did in fact know there was a video of him using the word "nigger", and he certainly knew about it way before he claimed that he found out hours ago.

Cooper also lied about being alone at the concert, because we know that Cooper was with Eagles teammate Jason Kelce as well.


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